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Reality is for people who lack creative writing skills

Sage Harper
8 October 1985
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• Erehwon is primarily for fanfic; though some original and/or historical fiction will show up now and then.
• If for some bizzare reason you would like to friend me, then just go ahead. No need to ask, I'd never turn down new friends. So chances are I will friend you back too. Really it's all good.
• I swear a hell of a lot bit. There can't say I didn't warn you.
• Feedback helps writers to grow and improve their craft, it also makes them feel loved and special. So please comment *makes big puppy eyes* :)
• I have ambitions of becoming the most prolific writer of Captain Scarlet slash, and seem to be doing rather well with that. In addition I like/write slash, smut, romance, etc such for various other fandoms. All entries will be appropriately labelled with said content under a cut. I shall assume as you are smart enough to get this far you can make an informed choice whether to read those fics or not.
• Feel free to ask questions about stuff you don't understand. With fanfic you kinda take for granted that people have already seen the show/s and known key details. Though hopefully the fics can pretty much stand alone.

G: Harmless. No suggestive content, not even religious messages.
PG: Mild. Might have hints of suggestive content, but nothing blatantly dealing with drugs, sex, violence, etc. You can get away with a little bit of profanity.
PG-13: Teen+ Might include adult themes like sex, drugs, and violence; but not in an explicit or graphic fashion.
R: For mature audiences. This is obviously for adults, so sex, drugs, and violence are okay, but graphic and explicit scenes may still be a little too much.
NC-17: People under the age of 17 probably shouldn't be seeing this at all. Pretty graphic and suggestive.

Fanfiction = These stories are written by a fan, for fans. No money is being made from them. I don't own any of the shows. ... well you get the idea.
Historical fiction = Any relation between the events portrayed in my stories and actual historical events is probably coincidental, no libel/offence is intended. I’m only an amateur historian.
Original fiction = this is of course my own; if you’d like to share then just ask and we can work something out.

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