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044. circle.

Title: Chewing on Jesus
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Magenta
Prompt: 044. circle.
Word Count: 945
Rating: U
Summary: Pat’s not a good Catholic, but he’s good at being Catholic.
Author's Notes: Father Ivory is borrowed from Mary J. Rudy.

Chewing on JesusCollapse )


053. Earth

Title: Dear Karen, dear Adam
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Blue & Symphony (others mentioned)
Prompt: 053. Earth.
Word Count: 3, 211
Rating: PG
Summary: During their season apart they write to each other.
Author's Notes: Written using the prompts (table 10C) from 10_letters. The idea of their time apart is inspired by Marion’s story A chapter of accidents.

Don’t forget to remember meCollapse )


075. Shade.

Title: It’s all relative
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Symphony & Scarlet
Prompt: 075. Shade.
Word Count: 497
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s just a test.
Author's Notes:

It’s all relativeCollapse )


028. Children

Title: Sweet love of mine
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Ochre (others mentioned)
Prompt: 028. Children
Word Count: 37,639
Rating: PG
Summary: Ochre continues his parental duties.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Sweet child of mine

Sweet love of mine

100. Resolution

Title: The Cloudbase staff's New Year's resolutions for 2069
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Various
Prompt: 100. Writer‘s Choice.
Word Count: 522
Rating: PG
Summary: The team make their resolutions.
Author's Notes: References to various fanon/canon details throughout.
Inspired in parts by contributions from the ‘Captain Scarlet fanfic forum’.

The Cloudbase staff's New Year's resolutions for 2069Collapse )


043. Square

Title: Square people in a world that's round.
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: General cast
Prompt: 043. Square
Word Count: 1,577
Rating: PG
Summary: We all knew we were in for a long hard ride.
Author's Notes: Prompts courtesy of 1fandom, theme set #1.

Square people in a world that's roundCollapse )


019. White

Really thinking outside the box here. Was ambling round the net and found a humour website, read through a couple of the things there and just thought of Colonel White. They seem in keeping with his adherence to protocol, almost paternal attitude to his staff, and dark sense of humour.
Tweaked them a little, et voila :)

Title: 8 simple rules for dating the Angels (and application form).
Fandom: Captain Scarlet & the mysterons
Characters: Colonel White (in the looser sense)
Prompt: White
Word Count: 1,155
Summary: The colonel sends out a memo
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: these are adaptations of the original humour pieces ‘rules for dating my daughter’ by W. Bruce Cameron. And ‘application for permission to date my daughter’, which can be found at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/3456/h_application.html

To all male personnelCollapse )


068. Lightening.

Title: Enlightening
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Melody
Prompt: 068. Lightening.
Word Count: 666
Rating: PG
Summary: It’s good to talk
Author's Notes: Set during ‘The Trap’.

EnlighteningCollapse )


TITLE: Get a room
AUTHOR: Sage Harper
FANDOM: Captain Scarlet
PAIRING: Ochre/Magenta
GENRE: Slash
TABLE: Miscellaneous A
PROMPT: 05. Passion
WORD COUNT: 1, 371
SUMMARY: “People, with the notable exception of you, as a rule want to watch a damn movie rather than me doing the nasty in the back row.”
DISCLAIMER: Characters created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson - just borrowing and will put them back when I'm finished.

Get a roomCollapse )

070. Storm.

Title: Yielding
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Ochre, Grey, Magenta (others mentioned)
Prompt: 070. Storm
Word Count: 1,342
Rating: 15
Summary: "Everything feels better after a storm, the air’s cleaner some how."
Author's Notes: Set pre-series, at Koala base (assuming they returned there for further training after a stint at Cloudbase).

The first time he’d done it they’d freaked out; at least he imagined they might have.Collapse )