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093. Thanksgiving

Title: Four emails Colonel White hasn’t replied to, and one he has.
Fandom: Captain Scarlet
Characters: Various
Prompt: Thanksgiving
Word Count: 726
Rating: U
Summary: Title is self explanatory.
Author's Notes: The ever delightful Mr Conners is creation of Chris Bishop, as is Amanda Wainwright.

To: Colonel White
From: Rhapsody Angel
Subject: Furlough

It has come to my attention that Captain Scarlet and I are the only members of the senior staff who have not been granted any leave, or even any time off on base, over the Thanksgiving week.
I am aware that this is a very important holiday for the American personnel on base; and that they should be able to partake in their national celebrations. Equally though Cloudbase is an international community. So I don’t think it’s very fair that Paul and I, that is to say Captain Scarlet and myself, will be unable to also enjoy free time, separately. Obviously somebody has to be in Angel one, and watching the radar; but of course, regardless of nationality, we must all do our part any day of the year.

I will await your response.



To: Colonel White
From: Captain Magenta
Subject: Software upgrades

As per your request please find attached reports on software upgrades to the Cloudbase computer network already carried out. I have to taken the liberty of also including a schedule of the upcoming upgrades.

Incidentally, considering your diplomatic silence on the matter; I have concluded that Captain Ochre and I will not be reimbursed for the five star hotel, meals, and other luxuries which proved necessarily during our most recent assignment.

That should be all. However if you require any further clarification or information do not hesitate to ask and I will provide further details.

Captain Magenta

PS. Please do not think there is any ill feeling regarding the expenses. Let’s just say the timing of our upcoming furlough is more than enough payment.


To: Colonel White
From: M.Conners
Subject: Inspections


I am sure you are aware that, as per the instruction of the World President, I am required to make an inspection of all the Spectrum bases, and conduct interviews with all senior staff, to ensure their efficient operation. I have received nothing but the utmost cooperation from the other base leaders enabling me to put together a visiting schedule. However I am still awaiting contact from you regarding this.
I have attempted to speak with your senior staff members on the matter; but apparently all but one happens to be scheduled for leave this month. I am aware that it is traditional for people to take vacations around the holiday season; but I rather doubt a man of your professionalism and experience truly intends to leave operations entirely in the hands of Captain Scarlet and the cleaning staff.
I would greatly appreciate if you were to send me a complete detailed duty rota so that I may speak with your staff at a time convenient to both of us.

Agent Conners


To: Colonel White
From: Rhapsody Angel
Subject: [no subject]

Please disregard my last email to you. On reflection, and now that emotions are not running high, I realise it was very unprofessional of me. You are as always a very fair and sensible commander, and it is unreasonable to hold you personally accountable for every perceived flaw into the operation of the base.
I am sure that there will be ample opportunity at other times for Scarlet and I to enjoy some time of base, separately, of course.

Again, please accept my apologies.



To: Colonel White
From: A.wainwright
Subject: Thanksgiving


Karen has been inquiring as to whether I would be inviting ‘my boyfriend’ to visit us during the holidays. Now perhaps she is referring to a charming young guy I dated in high school, but I don’t have his current address, so I decided to take the liberty of inviting you.
I know you said you’d be terribly busy over the next few weeks, but hey what’s new. Obviously I know you’re not American so maybe this won’t be your thing, but think of it as a cultural exchange. After all we did spend the weekend of ‘bonfire night’ together in London, which was pretty educational in a whole lot of ways. ;)
OK, I’ll be honest; I just really want to see you again.
So, what do you say?

Love, Amanda


To: A.wainwright
From: C.Gray
Subject: re: Thanksgiving


I would be delighted to, purely in the interest of cultural diversity of course. See you there.

Love, Charles