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TITLE: Glass filled to half its capacity.
AUTHOR: Sage Harper
FANDOM: Captain Scarlet
PAIRING: Ochre/Magenta
GENRE: Slash
PROMPT: 02. Decisions.
SUMMARY: Well, it's that or become a crazy cat lady.
NOTES: n/a
DISCLAIMER: Characters created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson - just borrowing and will put them back when I'm finished.

There is real serious downside to falling for your best friend.
Right when you need to call them to collapse into a ball of goo with over the latest hot thing your crush did, or agonise over whether to ask them out, you can’t because duh it’s them. Rick might forget his own birthday, but he’d notice that nobody else changes their shirt to paint model planes.
“You have it so bad,” Green tells me gravely, like it’s cancer. “I hope he’s worth it.”
“Probably, I want to find out anyway. Not that I ever could.”
“It’ll go horribly wrong, he’ll hate me, I’ll never love again, ergo I’m destine to die alone and leave my fortune to my sixteen cats.”
“Or you could never tell, he’ll find someone else, you’ll be overcome with jealousy and grief, then become a crazy cat lady.” Green shrugs. “Or he is the one, neither of you find true love, so you both die alone.”
Put like that, he had a point. I mean you can never know unless you try.
I smile at him; impressed that he was so perceptive and genial.
“Griff, do you want to be my new best friend?”